Who: Adult German roaches are about ¾“ long, a medium brown color, and run when you turn the lights on at night. 

What: The female roach can produce 30-40 babies from each egg sac.

Where: They spend most of their time in cracks & crevices near food & water.  They love to hide in, around, or under appliances & electronics. 

When: It is best to treat them as soon as you start seeing them – it will be quicker and less expensive.  Depending on the number of roaches you are seeing, it may take more than one treatment to get rid of them – it is a process.  The things that help the process are 1. Keep pet food put away after feeding the pet. If left out, the roaches will eat the pet food instead of the bait we will put out. 2. Cleanliness – don’t leave food out, keep floors swept and vacuumed, etc., & 3. The least amount of clutter, because clutter gives the roaches more places to hide. 

How: The way they get into your house is that someone brings them in whether they know they are doing that or not.  They can come in with groceries, cardboard boxes, appliances, electronics, or if someone comes to visit or stay over.  They can be in someone’s purse or diaper bag. 

Why: They produce at least one dozen distinct allergens that are potent triggers of asthma.